Nonprofit Social Media Marketing


Below are some projects and papers I have written or team projects I’ve helped write during my college career. My marketing career portfolio can be seen at and clicking on e-catalogs. My most recent position was as Marketing Coordinator at HD Supply where I assisted in producing customer-facing marketing collateral such as product brochures and catalogs.

Google Adwords pre proposal

This is a Google Adwords pre proposal.

Google Adwords Post Campaign Report

This is a Google Adwords post campaign report.

Integrated Marketing Plan for Polyesther’s Costume Boutique

This is a marketing plan for Polyesther’s Costume Boutique.

Corporate Ethics

This is a research project comparing corporate ethics between CostCo and Wal Mart.

Scholarly Article

This is a short essay on a scholarly article about corporate social responsibility.

Product Launch

This is a hypothetical launch of a product being imported to the U.S.

Caesar’s Strategic Plan

This is a sample Strategic Management Plan put together with a group for my MGT 496 (Strategic Management) class. This paper uses real Caesar’s data for all analysis. This is the written portion. The appendix can be found below.

Caesar’s Strategic Plan Appendix

This is an appendix to the above Caesar’s Strategic Plan. It includes real Caesar’s data dated from when the project was completed.

Kneading Knots Marketing Plan

This Marketing Plan was a group effort between my peers and I to help out a local start-up business. This was completed for MKT 495 (Advanced Marketing).

Sample Survey

This survey was an assignment in my MKT 400 (Market Research) class. It was an individual exercise to exemplify an understanding of how to write an effective, unbiased survey.

SPSS Survey Analysis

This survey analysis was completed for MKT 400 (Market Research). As individuals, we used an example survey and survey answers in order to organize the data into useful information via the SPSS program.

The Redistribution of Wealth Paper

This paper was written for Econ 103 (Principles of Macroeconomics) regarding the distribution of wealth. Though not necessarily Marketing, it was an example paper used by the professor and it conveys my personal opinion on the subject.


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